About Studio - Luxury Interiors Design
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Meet the Lead Designer & Founder

 Rokella Jeffrey

Mrs. Jeffrey, our luxury interior designer, is the driving force behind Luxury Interiors Design, discovered her own eye for style when she renovated her own apartment, and it has been uphill since then. Her unique style strikes the perfect balance between luxury and charm. Her niche is in turning the dead cold buildings into living breathing environments.

She specializes in interior designs that soothe the mood and cushion the body while personifying the perfect companion to your taste. She realizes your dreams into realities.Miss Jeffrey takes her passion for Luxury Interiors Design and Luxury spaces and transpires it into being. She has centered her whole business around her passion which doubles as the company’s philosophy.

Her infatuation with architecture and interior design has seen her clients all over the world including the USA, UK and Brazil. Her keen eye for lavish and pleasant designs has her working with a major Florida Home Builder for their high-end luxury home. Mrs. Jeffrey’s humble beginnings have instilled in her a keen sense for the economically concerned. She focuses her efforts on providing luxury on a budget. Unlike most interior designers who focus more on the realization of the vision, Miss Jeffrey focuses on using what is already there and turning it into a masterpiece to be reveled upon. She is not above using pieces the clients already own. She utilizes such pieces in such a manner that once she is done, it looks as though that they naturally belong and anything else would just seem like a misfit. She offers her services on a one-to-one consultation as well.

What Makes This Studio Unique?

Lid is a small Boutique Interior Design Service, That works with selected clientele to bring clients vision to life working with or without existing pieces. From small updates to Large Renovations we can make any space one of a beautiful kind.

The firm’s partners attend to e

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